What We Do

Tanshikii employs a highly trained and dedicated workforce consisting of technical, business and domain experts with varied levels of experience acknowledging Tanshikii’s world -class capabilities in the areas of Travel Technology Applications and Services.

Tanshikii’s application suite includes:

Travel Technology Applications

Tanshikii’s Travel Technology Applications include a range of products that facilitate Internet booking, delivery of real time flight information, corporate travel procurement and establishment of a fare database and a range of bespoke development services to cater to the specific needs of travel management companies.

Passenger Applications

Tanshikii’s Passenger Applications include a comprehensive CRM suite that tracks customer interactions from initial contact to the final satisfaction survey. A TAPI module that would integrate with the CRM is also available for PABX platforms which support such functionality.


Software Development Services

Tanshikii’s Software Development Services are focused on resolving critical business issues such as cost of ownership, flexibility and scalability. All benefit from on-site and offshore delivery models that minimize cost structures for customers by leveraging Tanshikii’s development facilities, methodologies and professional expertise. These services:

  • Rely on domain experts to get the job done right
  • Reduce development time, costs and risks by leveraging reusable business components
  • Provide value added inputs based on Tanshikii’s wide industry and global deployment experience

Managed Process Services (MPS™)

Tanshikii’s Managed Process Services create differentiation and competitive advantage, while simultaneously reducing unit transaction costs. Tanshikii’s outsourced business processes let you free internal resources to focus on core functions, and achieve lower and more manageable costs. What we offer is not mere cost arbitrage from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), but process driven, quality assured, Service Level Agreements (SLA) based managed services. Tanshikii’s managed processing service offerings include:

  • Fare management
  • Mid office accounting
  • Customer service / response centre

Consulting Services

Tanshikii’s help businesses analyze problems and come up with effective applications that transform core business processes into efficient, effective and competitive tools. The key differentiator in Tanshikii’s consulting practice is its benefits-oriented focus that extends into the application implementation phase. Our consulting practices are broad, diverse, deep, and include:

  • e-Travel strategy and implementation
  • Mid office applications integration
  • Business process outsourcing strategy and implementation

Tanshikii also provides a range of outsourced services from outsourced software development to pay-as-you-go business process management services. All of this enables Tanshikii to meet the travel and transportation industry’s bottom-line needs.