Tanshikii is a leading end-to-end Technology solution provider for the Travel and Transportation industry. As the single-stop-shop for all technology needs of clients, we provide Technology, Business Process Outsourcing and Domain solutions to our clients. As an IT organization we do four things for our clients:

  • Speak the business language through technology
  • Provide services and solutions that are domain driven and technology enabled
  • Deliver services and solutions that help clients enhance their businesses

A seasoned player in the travel services domain, we have been delivering value to our clients through innovative deployment of technology. With innovation forming the core, Tanshikii has been in the forefront of introducing cutting edge technologies to businesses helping them reduce risk and add value.

Tanshikii’s value propositions:

  • A customized solution with required functionalities and technologies
  • Solution designed and developed considering the current requirements and also future growth potential
  • Short-term benefit – productivity improvement and seamless flow of inventory/ data
  • Long-term benefit – highly scalable and robust solution that can be easily directed as per the IT strategy of clients without any unwanted costs
  • Aggressive project timelines- Customized solution in the same time as of deployment of run of the mill product solution.